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Dr Shelley Hyman

Welcome to my website!

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For over twenty years I have committed myself to trying to improve the lives of people with cognitive based issues. After completing my undergraduate psychology degree I went on to do my Honours, masters and PhD all in the field of neuropsychology, cognition and neuroscience. I went on to complete my postdoctoral research also in the field of neuropsychology, raising over 2 million dollars in research funding before I was 30. For several years I worked in various hospitals and universities around the world, but ultimately I came back to Sydney to set up a centre dedicated to helping people maximise their cognitive potential, the Sydney Cognitive Development Centre. I have a strong passion in the field of applied neuroscience, particularly neuromodulation and neurofeedback. I am currently writing a book on how to maximise brain functioning across the ages. A dedicated mother (of two gorgeous children aged 10 & 15), wife, researcher, writer, clinical neuropsychologist and neuroscientist.

I hope this website will help you better understand your mind, your brain, and ultimately lead to improvements in your life!